“I have attended many courses at Sydney Jewellery school and I always come out feeling uplifted having spent time learning exciting new skills in a creative, supportive and collegial environment. 
Recently I attended the three day chasing and repousse course taught by Megan Corwin, a world expert in this area. It was a great experience, learning how to use very old skills (pitch and simple but precise metal tools) to create things of beauty. As with other courses at SJS the number of participants was limited to ensure each student received individual support and advice. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and would recommend SJS to anyone who wants to connect with their creative side in a friendly and helpful environment”. Lucy Burns

“I have attended many classes over the last 5 years and have learnt to create some beautiful work with Metal Clay and Polymer clay. Apart from the knowledge I have gained and the pleasure of being amongst such talented people, I think the one thing which stands out in my mind, is how generous all the teachers are with their knowledge and how eager they are to share it with us. This is what keeps bringing me back to SJS”. Karen M

“Attending many of the varied jewellery workshops (from metalworking and enamelling to resin and polymer clay) at Sydney Jewellery School opened up my eyes to a brand new world and I got to know many interesting people that otherwise I may never have had an opportunity to meet. It has given me inspiration and the confidence that I will have something to transition to and to look forward to after I finish with full time work. The teaching standards and practices are excellent and I guarantee will allow students to achieve skill levels that will set them up to follow their own jewellery passion and path.” Alverie M 

“I have participated in a number of classes with the SJS and being a newcomer to the world of Jewellery and metal work I have always felt comfortable and supported in my learning. Each class I take inspires me with new ideas and new possibilities. The instructors are extremely knowledgable and are very willing to pass on their knowledge and help you build up your own skills. I always look forward to the next newsletter to see what wonderful classes are up and coming”. Murray Henstock 

“Having just completed my Electroforming and Plating workshop, I just had to write to say thank you for offering classes that I can’t find anywhere else in Australia. It has been worth the airfare from Cairns, twice now, to do the classes. I loved Sublimation Printing too and I will be back again for Anodising. I still find it ironic that I spent years at University, spending thousands and thousands of dollars doing a fine arts degree in jewellery design and we never had the diversity of subjects and media that you offer at SJS. Well done and thanks again”. Ivy Ng 

“I Have attended a few of the guest artist workshops and always learn so much from amazing national and international artists (Robert Dancik, Cynthia Eid, Thomas Mann, Cindy Durant - to name a few). Fabulous facilities and one of the few places in Australia where it is possible to be taught by such prestigious teachers”. Carol Gregory

“Possibly the best present anyone has ever given me was my gift certificate to do a class at Sydney Jewellery School. My teacher joked that it was like being Alice down the rabbit hole, she was so right, those doors have led me to a knew creative life. I have now done many classes in lots of different materials as I work out which one I like the best, the trouble is I like them all. Every teacher has known their stuff, been super helpful, I have made new friends and my jewellery making has progressed to the point that I am now selling it. Thanks to you all for making classes enjoyable while still being very hands on and practical. Will be back next term”. Sarah Henry

“I enrolled in the Metalwork 101 class as I have always wanted to make small metal toys. Jewellery wasn’t for me. Sarah and Wendy were so professional and helpful that not only did I achieve my aim of being comfortable soldering and manipulating metals, I actually got to like jewellery too. I will be booking into new metal classes soon, the etching one could be just what I need in fact, you will probably end up with me as a regular. Thanks”. Ben Jason